Saturday, October 31, 2009

Koko Black, Carlton

It would be sacrilegious for a 'Hot Chocolate & Latte' blog to not mention the wonderful and fabulous Koko Black! In our opinion, we really believe Koko Black did wonders for Melbourne and it does everything beautifully - from their hot drinks, smooth chocolates, desserts, salon decor and more recently even their tea selection (separate blog entry to be posted in November). Out of the total 6 salons in Melbourne, why did we choose Lygon St do you ask? Our answer is simple and sweet - two delicious words .... 'Chocolate Moelleux'. 167 Lygon St Carlton.

"There are quite a few Koko Black stores around but only the Carlton one serves up special desserts and one of my all time favourite is the Chocolate Moelleux, it is to die for :) Tasting that dessert again, it was still as good as I remembered. I love seeing the delicious runny chocolate oozing out of the centre when I dug my spoon into it. That lovely raspberry sauce that accompanied the dessert matched very well, it reduced the overly rich taste of the chocolate. Usually I would order my all time favourite hot chocolate but since we were already having a chocolate dessert, I decided to go with the hot chocolate mocha. It has to be one of the best mocha's around :) Most place's mocha tend to have a stronger coffee taste but I much prefer a stronger chocolate taste with a hint of coffee and this place created the right balance that I like." MICHELLE

"The only reason we venture to the Lygon Street Salon is for their Chocolate Moelleux with Raspberry Espuma' dessert dish. We've been to most of the salons, and so far Carlton is the only place that serves this heavenly concoction on a plate. I still remember the first time I sampled it with my good two good friends - I was blown away. When you gently dig your spoon into the soft chocolate sponge, dark smooth gold oozes out and when combined with the sweet sour taste of the raspberry cloud-like froth, bits of pistachio and crunchy biscuit - it is absolute heaven. This is definitely the star of all desserts here. It is so good that it actually silences Michelle and I for a few minutes whilst we enjoy every spoonful. It is quite rich so it's nice to share this dish. The lattes at Koko Black are consistently great - so good that I am always tempted to get a second one. I have never had a bad latte here so that is very re-assuring! Enjoy!" TAM

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